Out of the Cool - 1978

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For flute and piano. Duration 6, minutes.
(Versions are also available for soprano sax and violin
and an orchestral version of the piece for soprano sax and orchestra. 2222/4 horns/strings)

Out of the cool is in three sections - slow, fast, slow and is influenced by the music of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Taken up first by Violinist Nigel Kennedy and later by saxophonist John Harle, Out of the cool has now been performed world-wide by many different artists.

Published by Chester Music. Recordings are available from Cala records - Out of the Cool.

Rumania - 1979

For violin and piano. 10 minutes duration.
(A version is also available for soprano sax and flute)

I wrote Rumania after Out of the Cool and its overall style and techniques are very similar to the earlier piece, although it is longer and more virtuosic. Originally conceived as a violin concerto, it has been played by many flautists, violinists and saxophonists.

Published by Chester Music.

Recording available from Cala Records.

Recall - 1980

Solo flute. Duration - 6 minutes.

Recall was written for the London Contemporary Dance Theatre and was premiered by William Bennett at Sadlers Wells in 1981. The piece uses many techniques specific to the flute including Jethro Tull like overblowing and Coltrane like harmonic finger tremelandos.

Published by D.C. Heath Music.

Recordings are available from Cala Records.

Coltrane - 1981

Solo flute or soprano sax/clarinet. Duration - 6 minutes.

Coltrane was my idea of a cross between the music of John Coltrane and the J.S Bach Sonata for solo flute in A minor. It looks easy on the page but is without question one of my most challenging works for the flute. It is in two halves, the first being influenced by the pentatonic diminished chord patterns of John Coltrane while the second incorporates both Indian and Eastern scales and rhythms.

Published by Boosey & Hawkes.

Recordings are available from Cala records - Out of the Cool and from Black Box - On Fire featuring Soprano saxophonist Simon Haram.

Fight the Lion - 1982

Solo piano. Duration - 10 minutes.

Fight the Lion is a virtuoso fantasy for solo piano based on the music of McCoy Tyner and John Coltrane. It was premiered by John Lenehan in the Wigmore Hall in 1982 and is dedicated to Muhammad Ali.

Published by Chester Music.

Recordings available from Cala Records - Out of the Cool.

Shiraz - 1983

For Flute and Piano. Duration - 4 minutes.
(A version was also composed for Soprano sax and cello)

In 1982 I became involved in the rock scene and wrote Shiraz as the basis of a single for cellist Caroline Lavelle.

Published by Camden Music.

Recorded for Cala Records - Out of the Cool.

Rise from the Dark - 1985

Composed for Full orchestra. Duration - 20 minutes.
2222/4/3/2/B tbn/ tuba/2 perc. -1 timp./strings

Rise from the Dark was my first full orchestral piece. It is in three movements and is the first time I used avant-garde sound against beautiful chord pieces and rock rhythms.

Published by D.C. Heath Music.

To be released on Black Box with the BBC concert orchestra.

Beyond the Dark - 1985

For flute and harp.

Beyond the Dark is in a one movement, three section form, fast-slow-fast, and is influenced not only by the modern jazz harmony of Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, but also by the sounds of the Japanese koto and shakahachi. It was first performed by Aiden Goetzee (flute) and Susan Beddows (harp) at County Hall, Barnsley, South Yorkshire on the 29th of January 1986.

Published by Chester Music.

Recorded by Anna Noakes (Flute) and Gillian Tingay (Harp) on Guild Music - GMCD 7202


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