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Lochalsh - 1995
Published by Camden Music

Solo violin or violin and strings. Duration, approximately 5 minutes.

In 1993 I was sitting on the Skye ferry when it suddenly occurred to me that I could compose a work combining the styles of Scots fiddler Aly Bain and jazz giant John Coltrane using the rhythms and harmonies of Celtic music and gradually extending them into a virtuoso fantasy for solo violin.

Published by Heath Music.

Recorded on Freestyle Classics - Rain, Fire and Passion.

First performed by Clio Gould in Edinburgh 1995

Sarajevo - 1995
Published by Camden Music

For string orchestra. Duration, approximately 5 minutes.

During the Bosnian war, a cellist took to the streets of Sarajevo and started to play the Albinoni adagio as the bombs went off around him. He appealed to musicians worldwide to play the adagio for world peace, and so this my contribution.

Published by Heath Music.

Recorded on Freestyle Classics - Rain, Fire and Passion.

First performed by The BT Scottish Ensemble - Edinburgh Scotland 1996

Morroccan Fantasy - 1997
Published by Camden Music

For soprano sax and orchestra 2222/4/3 perc./strings Duration, 10 minutes

In 1996 Simon Haram asked me to write soprano sax concerto and I decided to ochestrate two earlier pieces - Gentle Dreams and Shiraz and put them into an orchestral context.

First performed in 1997 by Simon Haram and the East of England Symphony Orchestra.

No recording is currently available.

Darkness to Light - 1997
Published by Camden Music

For percussion and piano. Duration, 15 minutes.

Having got to know Evelyn Glennie's playing through the concerto I wrote for her in 1994, African Sunrise - Manhattan Rave, this new piece Darkness to Light develops several of the ideas contained in the earlier work. I decided in the 'darkness ' section to use the piano very much as a percussion instrument, the pianist using the instrument in a John Cage-like fashion, with the percussionist on the waterfone and screeched tam-tam giving the atmosphere of complete dejection. This mooves to a contemporary groove drum pattern played on the piano, later joined by drum kit. The drums become wilder and wilder until the piece roars to a huge climax. Out of this comes a quiet tremolando chord on the piano which leads to the slight section on vibrophone and piano - reminiscent of Gary Burton and Chick Corea. Darkness to light is an emotional journey from depression to joy.

Published by D.C. Heath Music.

Recorded on Black Box with Evelyn Glennie and Phillip Smith

First performed by Evelyn Glennie and Phillip Smith at the Barbican Centre London in 1997.

Dawn of a new age - 1999

Dawn of a New Age is in two parts. It opens with a mystical New Age type of percussion solo, followed by a soprano sax solo, reminiscent of The Last Post and signifying the end of one era and the beginning of another. The main melody was based on Celtic style harmony that I was experimenting with, and is quietly introduced on the vibes before building to a climax on the soprano sax.

The second half of the piece develops ideas from the Rave and Acid House scenes, before returning to the original tune. It was premiered by Evelyn Glennie, Phillip Smith, and saxophonist Simon Haram, as part of the King's Lynn Festival 1999.

DAWN OF A NEW AGE is dedicated to my sister Claire.

Recorded on Black Box - Featuring Evelyn Glennie and The London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dave Heath.